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    Metal Detector is in the 3rd set of the Smart Tools collection.

    << Metal Detector apps require a magnetic sensor (magnetometer). If this app does not work properly, please check the specifications of your device. >>

    This app measures magnetic field with an embedded magnetic sensor.
    The magnetic field level (EMF) in nature is about 49μT(micro tesla) or 490mG(milli gauss); 1μT = 10mG. When any metal(steel, iron) is near, magnetic field level will increase.

    Usage is simple: Open the app, and move it around. The magnetic field level will constantly fluctuate. That's it! You can find electrical wires in the walls (like a stud detector) and iron pipes in the ground.

    A lot of ghost hunters had downloaded this app, and they had experimented as a ghost detector.

    The accuracy depends entirely on your magnetic sensor (magnetometer). Note that it is affected by electronic equipment (TV, PC, Microwave) due to electromagnetic waves.

    * Main features:
    - Alarm level
    - Beep sound
    - Sound effect on/off
    - Material design

    * Pro version added features:
    - No ads
    - Compass
    - Qibla finder, Car locator

    * Do you want more tools?
    download [Smart Compass Pro] and [Smart Tools] package.

    For more information, watch YouTube and visit the blog. Thank you.

    ** Metal detector cannot detect gold, silver and coins made of copper. They are classified as non-ferrous metal that has no magnetic field.

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