Metal Detector




    Use your phone as a real working metal detector!


    Most Android phones have a built in magnetometer. This sensor picks up magnetic readings in three dimensions around the device. Strongest at a certain point on the phone, this data can be used to create an overall magnetometer reading which this app interprets. The app will receive the most accurate reading holding the phone about 15cm away from the object and assuring that the object is directly underneath the device's magnetometer.

    Try not to keep the device around objects that can create their own magnetic fields because it can interfere with the magnetometer. Laptops, power outlets, or even chargers can all have this affect. Additionally, the app is only as accurate as the magnetometer in your phone. Some phones do not have a magnetometer and some have a very poor one. The app only interprets and plots the data from the readings, it has no effect on the readings themselves.

    Please note that neither this nor any other metal detector app will work lacking the magnetometer hardware. Additionally, the magnetometer hardware is limited to detecting ferromagnetic materials such as iron and will not detect non ferromagnetic materials such as aluminum.


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