Tired of lag? Sick of the Android system launching apps in the background until there is no more RAM and the system gets slow and unresponsive?

    Minfree comes to the rescue :-)
    Here you can set the memory limits for starting to kill off apps in the three lowest priority app categories. Try to experiment to find the best values. A good starter is to double the default values and see what happens.

    This way your phone can stay snappy and responsive, by telling the internal memory management of Android not to chew up all available RAM. Much cleaner method than killing off applications only to have them start again a few seconds later, such as ordinary task killers do.

    Example: Samsung Galaxy Note 2, with 2 GB RAM. System default is 56, 64, 72 (Hidden, Content Provider, Empty app) i.e. the system will launch apps until there is roughly 72MB RAM left.
    Set new values using Minfree, e.g. 248, 448, 600. This leads to Android never launching apps in the background when less than 600 MB are free, and hidden apps will not be killed off until only 248MB are free, for nice multitasking experience.

    Todo: Implement set on boot


    Disclaimer: The author takes no responsibility whatsoever for what might happen to your phone as a result of using this app. That said, all it does is change the minfree file, which is reset on every reboot, so whatever it does it shouldn't be permanent.

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