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    Moba tool acquires control of all the key device necessities and frequently employed tasks and settings, acting as a Central Control Panel of your Android. It not only saves you a lot of clicks & time but keeps you well updated with your device’s common info, which you might not have ever noticed.
    Existing features:
    ➢ Binary clock will give you different experience of clock
    ➢ Device log (information about the device)
    ➢ Log Details will provide you your sms and call logs and what you would like to have as backup.
    ➢ Location can be track
    ➢ Memory Information, Application Manager will give you control on your applications
    ➢ Wireless information can be seen
    ➢ Auto Syncing: It gives you the flexibility to automatically sync your accounts with mobile data.
    ➢ GPS: Automatic ON/OFF facilitates an easy approach to the functionality and helps you in saving clicks.
    ➢ Rotation: Orientation of screen from portrait to landscape on a single ON/OFF enhances the view to manifolds.

    ➢ Volume: the application ‘MOBA TOOL’ brings fully controlled functionality of volume of various kinds covering each and every parameter of the device. Following are the points covered by the application:
    ➢ Application provides direct option to change the mode of ringer tone. You can easily change the type to ‘Normal mode’, ‘Vibration Mode’ and ‘Dead Mode’.
    ➢ SD Card Cleaner: This shows all the folders of your memory card. Each folder comprises of the files that are present in it. You can simply tap the name of the file which will give you an option to remove it.
    ➢ APK Cleaner: The unnecessary apk file of the installed application occupies space. The application ‘MOBA TOOL’ provides you with the facility to remove these files and save the precious space.
    ➢ Cache Cleaner: cache happens to be an allocated memory of some amount. This is like a photocopy of the demanded or used applications. Application deletes the unnecessary files stored, hence reducing the load.
    SD Card:
    ➢ Apps 2 card: will display only the list of application that are in phone memory and can be moved to memory card. You can simply tap any of the application names which will be moved to the SD card on a single touch.
    ➢ App Locker: this happens to be one of the enhanced features of this application.
    ➢ You can lock any of the present application from this section. One or more than one applications can be locked simultaneously with a single password and on a single click.
    ➢ Temperature of battery: The application provides you to see the temperature of battery in both degree Celsius and in degree Fahrenheit.
    ➢ Applying battery saver option: This feature can help you to save the usage of battery in critical hours. The application provides you to start the battery saving mode when remaining percentage of battery is 10, 20, 30, 40 percent etc.
    ➢ Moba Tool-Clock: The widget shows the binary and the digital clock. Along with current location and network carrier name.
    ➢ Moba Tool-Wireless: This provides a direct access to the GPS, wifi and Bluetooth options. The option to switch on/off directly. There will be an add-on to set the mobile device to airplane mode.
    ➢ Moba Tool-Memory: This widget gives the memory status. Along with this, it will show battery status (if in charging mode, then how much percentage has it covered).
    ➢ Moba Tool-Setting: Volume (vibration, normal, dead mode), SD card cleaner, APK cleaner and cache cleaner options are mentioned on this widget.

    Privacy Policy, It does not send any information or collect any information,it is a native app and it just show your information to just yourself.


    Battery Saver, battery widgets, binary clock, memory widget, memory information, wireless, application manager, application lock/unlock

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