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    Mobile Chase-Location Tracker application is to search your mobile at the time of lost. It checks for the insertion of new SIM when phone boots and sends a SMS in 5 minutes from new SIM number to your stored mobile numbers in the application. SMS gives the GPS location data or current location code to track your mobile.

    when new SIM is inserted it turns on packet data internet automatically on phone boots and,

    If GPS is on when phone boots from new SIM, the SMS contains the details of latitude ,longitude, accuracy, city and country. You can get the address by providing the latitude,longitude values manually in google maps search bar. The order should be latitude,longitude while entering the values in google maps.. For ex.(37.42233,-122.083) is Google Dr, Mountain View, CA 94043.

    In case, If the GPS is off when the phone boots from new SIM, the SMS contains the details of Current network related location codes such as GSM local area(Tower)code, cell id, mcc+mnc(network and state)code,for ex.(405+803 is Aircel-Karnataka)and country Iso. You can make complaint by providing these details and find the lost mobile.

    The SMS will receive for every 1 minute with the location updates from the new SIM.


    * Application Data Protected.
    * Application On/Off function.
    * Application Uninstall Protection Added.

    Important Notes:

    * This Application read the contacts and save into the private SharedPreferences, Which makes the user to pick the individual contact to store in the application and to find the contact numbers(Which is visible) when user get in to this app. This Application won’t use the contacts for any other purposes.

    * This Application uses permission to send SMS from the application automatically when SIM change and for password recovery. The application will sends SMS for every 1 minute with the location updates from the new SIM/at password recovery, will cost you money for every SMS as per SIM card network plan.

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