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    Mobile File Browser added new button effects! Just like all other file browser on market. This free app can also show all file in your mobile phone (include the files and folders in SD card). When you download an file but can not find it in your mobile menu, you can search it with this file browser app! The file browser can show you all kinds of file formats icon, name and formats. For example, in the movie folder, you can see the file name.wma or rmvb, flv or others.
    This app added new button/icon effect. If you select this file, it will change to another color or be marked with a check mark!
    How to manage the file in this app?
    1.Long press help you select the file.
    2.Press the up button to return to former page.
    3.Press the add button on your mobile, you have three choices.
    You can select all files/folders in this page.
    Press about to send us your suggestions and problems. If you feel it is well, please do not forget offer us 5 stars!
    Exit the app directly.
    4.If you have choose one file, press the add button of your phone, you have six choices.
    Select all in this page.
    clear the selection if you like. Exit the app with ""exit" button!

    1.Show all files and folders on your mobile phone.
    2.Pres the folder and search what files it contains.
    3.Long press to select.
    4.You can select all files in one page!
    5.Back to former page with the button in the top of page.
    6.Show file name and formats.

    This a a file browser can help you know what file is in your mobile. And added new functions : When you select the file, it will change to another color or be marked which means you have select it successfully. With this app, you can find the file position quickly and easily!

    One file manager is flist, which was first used in the year of 1981 on the Conversational Monitor System.This was a variant of fulist, which originated before late 1978, according to comments by its author, named Theo Alkema.

    The flist program provided a list of files in the user's minidisk, and it is allowed sorting by any file attribute. The file attributes could be passed to scripts or function-key definitions, and making it simple to use flist as part of CMS EXEC, EXEC 2 or xedit scripts.

    This program ran only on the IBM VM/SP CMS, but was the inspiration for other programs, including filelist (a script run through the Xedit editor), and programs running on other operating systems, which including a program also called flist, which ran on OpenVMS, and fulist (from the name of the corresponding internal IBM program), which runs on the Unix.

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