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    Mobile Home is an ingenious product that use your android device and your home Wi-Fi network to control Honeywell Smart Lighting System G2 series products like lighting, curtain, dimmer and scenarios.

    Mobile Home is your home controller at your fingertips. It needs to work together with Honeywell IP-RF transmitter HRMS-2012.

    You can easily install transmitter and lighting, dimmer, curtain controllers by scanning barcode by using MobileHome APP. Even if you home is decorated, you can also easily replace the old switches by our controller products.

    Introducing Mobile Home:

    This APP is one of Honeywell Smart Lighting System G2 products, designed for using with other Honeywell Smart Lighting System G2 products to remotely control lights or curtains, adjust light brightness, and customize your scenarios.

    With My Mobile Home you can turn on a light from another room, or turn off it from top floor or dimmer it when you are already on bed. Or you can check the dinner room device status after you are on bed.

    The beauty of Mobile Home is its completely open for your customization. Scenarios can totally be customized by you. You can add or delete any light or curtain from scenarios. There is no limit to what My Mobile Home can control. With My MobileHome Mobile Home
    you can dimmer your lights, close your curtain, and change to custom scenario with one click.

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