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    Cell Phone Tracking application via SMS. MoPing (Mobile Ping) allows you to send an SMS to the pre-configured mobile destination containing your physical location information. It also allows you to determine the distance to a mobile destination between two MoPing users. The location request can be triggered remotely via a voice call or silently via an SMS message containing the word “location” (case insensitive). Also the user can manually push its location by configuring the “Destination Number” and clicking on the “My Location” menu option. A set of tracking locations retrieval can be triggered using the Basford Tracking feature. The SMS will only be sent to the pre-configured “Destination Number” entry in the Settings and if the “Enable Service” check box is set. If the “Enable Call-ID” is set, the number who triggers the location request is sent as well in the SMS message. Other configurable options are available as well...

    The application can be used to communicate/share your location information:

    - Find your child’s location
    - Find your friend’s location
    - Determine the distance in meters to your child or friend
    - Send your location to the configured mobile number in case you have no data plan and you desperate need help with directions.

    To view the location mobile, the SMS receiver can just copy and paste the “latitude, longitude” values in the search box.

    Note: MoPing it is an outdoor application using the GPS signals to determine the location.


    * Send your location to a friend
    * Send a remote cell phone location request via a voice call
    * Send a remote cell phone location request silently via an SMS message containing the word “location”
    * View your current location
    * User configurable SMS content
    * Display the distance and bearing between two MoPing users via "My Location" SMS push notification.
    * Set custom IEMI
    * Set Destination Number
    * Enable Call-ID
    * Enable Device ID
    * Enable Time Stamp
    * Include Altitude
    * Location Name Lookup
    * Remote tracking activation configuration or via SMS (ET:SECONDS-INTERVAL:MAX-NOTIFICATIONS
    * Remote tracking de-activation via SMS (DT:)

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