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    MVD stands for Mobile Vulnerability Database, a unique application to know about vulnerabilities reported worldwide for Mobile Platforms. A user can browse through vulnerabilities specific to his/her mobile platform and the particular version.

    With the advent of vulnerabilities on Mobile Platforms and components like Operating System and associated native applications like browser etc, mobile devices are continuously prone to hacking and exploitation attempts.

    Security flaws help attackers to launch further attacks, which may be undetectable by anti-viruses. Such flaws are generally specific to Vendor, Operating System, Version and sometimes specific application/components as well.

    The best way to prevent these attacks is to stay updated with the vulnerabilities associated with own and other mobile platforms in use.

    Varutra MVD has been launched with an objective to give a common place for mobile users to get acquainted with what vulnerabilities are existent on their devices.

    User can register with their Name and Email ID on "Register for Vulnerability Report" and then select the desired mobile platform and version to receive the report.

    MVD covers major mobile smartphone / tablet platforms such as Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows Phone.

    How it works:

    1. Select your Mobile Operating System platform.
    2. Search by Title, Version, KVID or CVE ID.
    3. Click on search.
    4. User can also Register and Download or Email the vulnerability report.

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