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    *MobiLinc Featured in National Verizon Commercial over the Thanksgiving holiday!
    *MobiLinc now supports the Tasker app for complete home automation integration with your Android devices!

    Imagine touching a single button to turn on all the lights in a dark house before arriving or turn off all of the lights in one easy step on your way to bed.

    Did you ever wish you could turn on lights from 1,000 miles away while on vacation to make it look like someone is home? Or remotely open your garage door for a loved one locked out of the house?

    Using the Universal Devices ISY Controller Series, or the SmartLinc 2412N, MobiLinc allows you to command all of the INSTEON and X10 lights and devices in your home or office while at home or away.

    If you are new to MobiLinc and home automation, MobiLinc requires in-home hardware to control your lights, thermostat and other devices. See how easy it is to add our starter kit to your home:

    Starter kits are available here:

    MobiLinc Pro now supports MobiLinc Connect, our cloud based service for ISY controllers that allows MobiLinc to connect to your ISY anywhere you are without any network changes, it just works. New accounts are free for 30 days!

    MobiLinc Pro Features:
    - Control all of your INSTEON and X10 Devices.
    - Real-time device, scene, and program status and control.
    - Thermostat, Irrigation, and Garage Door support.
    - Weather Support. (With ISY Weather Plug-in).
    - Energy Support (ISY Energy Monitor Plug-in or iMeterSolo).
    - Username and password authentication.
    - Works over Wi-Fi and cell connections.
    - Multiple Profile Support.
    - Easy setup with Wi-Fi auto-discover and sync.
    - Quick control through device and scene ICONs.
    - Supports up to 1024 INSTEON or X10 Devices.
    - Supports up to 1024 Scenes.
    - Supports up to 1024 Programs.
    - Many MobiLinc Themes to pick from!

    MobiLinc Pro Requirements:
    - Android OS 2.1 or later.
    - One of the following INSTEON Controllers:
    - Universal Devices ISY-26 or ISY-99x Series (Firmware 2.7.0 and later).
    - SmartLinc 2412N Version 3.0

    - Please visit: for more information including configuration help and tips.

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