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    Heating, cooling, mixing as well as humidification and dehumidification change the state of air; the robatherm “Mollier h,x” App enables you to quickly calculate those changes.

    This app offers you far more options than you’ve ever experienced when using ordinary h,x-diagrams.

    For example, local weather data can be imported from all over the globe into your diagram, enabling you to calculate, determine and/or compare the local climatic condition.
    You can also define the true prevailing air pressure. 
Your h,x-diagram automatically adjusts itself to the entries you’ve made.

    Check out this App’s wide range of options:
    • Import of worldwide weather data
    • Intuitive handling through direct starting point selection in the diagram
    • Air flow entry for performance identification
    • Clearly arranged lists of data points and performance values
    • Selection of the diagram’s temperature and humidity boundaries
    • Free definition of the range of comfort
    • Storing and processing of multiple diagrams
    • Entry of multiple, different air flow in a diagram
    • Arbitrary choice of color of the air flows for improved differentiation.
    • Adjustment to the true prevailing air pressure
    • Create a PDF-file and send it via e-Mail

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