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    MonitorDroid allows you to use your phone as a home monitor, find a lost phone, keep track of where your phone is (where the kids or spouse who have the phone are!), and speak text messages. By sending a sms to your phone with the correct command and password (????:password), it will reply with it's current street address using the phone's GPS. You can also use it to read aloud incoming text messages that are prefixed with the command read: for hands free use or to announce a message to anyone near the phone. By sending the pict:password command the phone will take a photograph and email it back to the configured address. The commands are freeform, as long as they contain the keyword (case insensitive) and a colon, followed immediately by the password (where required). Example:
    to read an sms: [any text] read [any text]:this text that will be read aloud.
    to take a picture: [any text] pict [any text]:password
    to find location: [any text] ???? [any text]:password

    Note that this app uses GPS, not witchcraft, to determine location. That means if there is no signal you will not get an accurate position fix. It works well outside, iffy inside.

    The "monitor droid password" is for configuration changes, use it to login to the main screen.

    The "command password" is the password you append to various commands like ???:password or pict:password. If your phone has no camera, picture will not work. If your phone does not have TTS, the read: function will not work. You can download the TTS library from Google in this unlikely event.

    "email account" is the email account to use to send the email, ie your gmail account that the phone uses.

    "email password" is the password to your gmail account, used to allow the phone to login to send mail.

    "email pictures to" is the destination email address that the email will be sent to.

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