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MoSe Pro (Mobile Security Pro)

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    MoSe Pro (Mobile Security Pro)

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    'MoSe' is security product.

    'MoSe' is very simple, easy, fast and has many features.

    1.1 App Scan
    - Scan installed Apps.
    1.2 SD Card Scan
    - Scan SD cards.

    2. App Analysis
    - Notify functions of apps having risk factors by analyzing behavior of installed apps.

    3 Update
    - Download virus database from the server and keep it at the latest version.

    4. Manual

    5. Settings
    - Users can customize setting of the application.

    5.1 Real time Monitoring
    5.2 SD Card scan
    5.3 Heuristic Scan
    5.4 Self protection
    5.5 Auto Update

    6 Network controls

    - Easily manage running apps connected to a network to stay protected and preserve battery life.
    - Displays apps that are connected to a network.
    - Displays the application’s IP address.
    - Selecting the map icon will display location of IP address.
    - Easy block and disconnect apps from their network.

    7 Anti-theft

    - Find your phone and prevent personal information from being leaked in case your device is ever lost or stolen, control anti-theft measures remotely via text message.
    Screen lock
    Factory reset
    GPS tracking
    Alert your device
    SD Card memory wipe

    7.1 Anti-theft Password settings
    - Select anti-theft option by sliding to the left on the main menu.
    - Enter a new password or change your old one.

    7.2 Remote anti-theft controls

    Use specific text commands to remotely control anti-theft measures to help find your phone, lock it or even wipe data to prevent it from being leaked.

    Simply text the command as displayed below the function. (****) Represent your pass code.

    Screen lock
    !lock ****
    Location tracker
    !location ****
    Factory reset
    !wipe ****
    SD card format
    !format ****
    Sound playback
    !sound ****

    The !Lock command will lock your device, if you do not have a password set; a password is auto-set to the anti-theft password.
    The !Wipe command will return your device to factory settings. (Note: this does not affect SD card data)
    The !Sound command will set off the alarm on your device. (Note: This will not function if your device has been turned off)

    7.3 Anti-theft command responses

    Initiating the screen lock, factory reset and SD card formatting commands will notify the user with a confirmation via text message.
    Initiating the location tracking command will notify the user as to the location of your Smartphone via text message.

    8 Financial Securities

    Secures and protects transactions made using banking and other financial related apps.
    Select the Financial security icon then select the financial app you want protected during use.

    9 Email Security [Paid version]

    Protect ingoing and outgoing email from viruses.
    Select email security icon to protect email during use.

    10 System Cleaning
    Clean unnecessary files that take up space on your Smartphone and slow down its processes.
    After running a system cleaning a graph will display a pre and post cleaning graph.

    10.1 Deleting App Cache
    - Delete unnecessary cache of installed apps

    10.2 process cleanup
    - To acquire available memory and organize the processes.

    10.3 Manage temporary internet files
    - Free up disk space by deleting temporary internet files.

    10.4 deleted records access
    - Delete your web access history to prevent personal information from being leaked.

    10.5 Browsing History management
    - Delete your web search history to prevent personal information from being leaked.

    10.6 Delete downloaded web files
    - Delete and manage files downloaded from the web.

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