MOTI takes advantage of Smartphone technology for the simple and convenient capturing of key variables concerning the condition of forests. The Android application is specifically designed for forestry professionals to capture in an easy, cost effective and reliable manner the key dendrometric variables such as basal area, number of trees per ha, tree height and growing stock, as a single measurement combined in a sample plot, or at the level of a stand inventory with automatic calculation of the error range of the estimations.

    MOTI thus provides the solid basis for decision making directly in the forest. For example, this information can be used for tree marking or for planning measures in the context of developing a forest management plan.

    The use of MOTI is not only limited to the stand level. Thanks to the possibility of capturing samples, the app can also be used in the context of making simple inventories for a forest management unit.

    An Internet connection is not required (except for accessing the Help page).

    Advanced features: GPS navigation support, SiWaWa extension (growth model), server support for data backup, camera calibration support, direct data export.

    The technical principles and the functionalities of MOTI are described in a book: “MOTI – L’inventaire forestier simplifié par le smartphone” (for the moment only in French). The book is available from Kessel Publishing House (

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