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    Small, innovative and very useful utility, allowing you to perform various actions using the motion sensor of your device.

    Users of Advanced Screen Control would recognize some of the functionality and would appreciate the cleaner UI and the additional features. This is a continuation of my efforts related to the motion sensor utilization.

    Used terms:
    "Shake event" means a registered motion of the device in accordance with the chosen settings. Please note that it may differ from a single shake of the device. A Shake action is triggered by a set number of registered Shake events.

    IMPORTANT: Please remove any other motion sensor apps before trying Proximity Actions, to avoid interference. If you are using ASC, disable the Shake actions.

    Key features:
    ✔ Turn the screen off and lock the device;
    ✔ Wake up the device;
    ✔ Toggle Auto-Rotation On/Off;
    ✔ Change the screen orientation, without releasing the orientation lock (Android 3.0 and up);
    ✔ Launch any app;
    ✔ Toggle the LED light On/Off (if available).

    There are 2 configurable actions - one when screen is on and one when screen is off.

    Most informative and interesting user reviews would be featured here, in the app description!

    The app may use some battery power, depending on the settings. All settings which could affect the power consumption have a proper warning in the description.

    IMPORTANT: Developing apps for hardware features of Android devices is a really though job, as there are so many different devices with different hardware and software implementations. So I have a very important request for all of you - if you encounter any issues, please send me an email!

    Development support:
    This app is developed by a single independent developer. If you like it and want to help my efforts - please give it a 5 star rating and share it with your friends! I would really like to achieve a perfect rating for this app, so if you don't feel like rating it with full 5 stars, please give a reason, so I could improve the app and deserve your 5 stars! I would very much appreciate it!

    Most of the permissions are self-explanatory and are needed by the app's functionality.
    The INTERNET and the LOCATION permissions are needed by the ads - you would see ads very, very rarely and based on how often you actually use the app, but still - they do need those permissions.
    The ACCOUNTS permission is needed to grant ad-free use to people who support the development otherwise.
    No personal information is collected or sent whatsoever!

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