Stream your entire collection of music, playlists, photos, videos, and documents straight from your computer! No uploading to a public server, no worrying about your device running out of space.

    With MotoCast, as long as you keep your computer powered on and online, you can quickly and securely get access to the media and files stored on your computer using your phone or any web browser.

    MotoCast has:

    * Video streaming - Easily stream videos from your computer to your phone. No need to sync or copy.
    * Music streaming - Stream your entire music library and iTunes playlists from your computer to your phone over 3G/4G or WiFi
    * Remote file access - Browse files and documents located on your computer with your phone anywhere.
    * Multi-format support - MotoCast PC software supports many video formats and converts them on-the-fly for remote streaming. Supported format includes AVI, MP4, MKV, 3GPP, Flash Video, and QuickTime.
    * Bandwidth optimization - MotoCast’s Real-time Adaptive Transcoding technology not only converts video formats, but optimizes video streams over 3G/4G to minimize wireless data usage.
    * Download for offline use - Files and documents located on your computers can be wirelessly saved to your phone for offline use . Compatible with QuickOffice and other apps on your device.
    * Windows and Mac support - MotoCast PC software works great with Windows or Mac.
    * Access from any web browser - Also stream your computer's videos, music and files at

    Note: MotoCast does not play DRM protected content, which includes videos bought from iTunes and Amazon. Not all wireless carriers allow video streaming over 3G/4G.

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