It is an e-mail auxiliary application of application.

    Please set up a mail account by menu -> account setting -> menu -> Add.
    A server setup can be carried out if long aggressiveness [ in an account setting screen / a Server list ].
    It is possible to add a server by menu >Add.
    A setup of a mail account will transmit test mail to the account.

    . Set up receiving timing by menu -> Server request setting.
    In the state of setting nothing up, event reception is carried out only to Gmail (important point: account synchronous setup) and SMS.
    A check of Request server other than gmail will check mail servers other than Gmail with the time interval set up at the interval.
    A check of When SMS is .. will check the server of Gmail and SMS at the time of SMS reception.
    I think that the method of awaiting with least power consumption is the method of turning OFF a synchronization, transmitting e-mail and transmitting SMS after that.

    It will start, if the tap of the M mark of the first screen is carried out.
    (Reception of e-mail will work the function notified to a related application.)

    error code

    999-1xxx connection error: check server name and port no.
    2xxx comunicate error: xxx is return cord which returned after HELO command.
    3xxx STLS error
    4xxx sslhandshake error
    5xxx SSL certificate errors
    6xxx authorization error

    1xxxx in smtp server
    2xxxx in pop server
    3xxxx in sending mail

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