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    *****Would you like to know with whom your kids are talking, for whom they are sending messages and doing chat for long time, Would you like to know where exactly they are going but telling something else for you??******
    ******Would you like to know where your husband is going, with whom he is talking and with whom message chat is doing??********
    ******Would you be interested to know with whom your girlfriend is talking hour and hour and where she is going actually but not meeting with you, with whom she is chatting******
    *****Whether you would like track your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your wife, your husband, your kids, Mr. Detective is your personal secret agent to track these all information for you.., just install application on person’s android phone and set your email ID and do install same on your android phone and just start receiving all information you need…*****

    What a great experience to become your favorite detective with just the use of your device! Mr. Detective gives you the tools you need for investigation and spying. Ever worry of being caught on your operation? You don’t have to be anymore! This app will surely conceal your identity as you observe people’s activity. So grab your device and become Sherlock Holmes or the detective of your choice!
    Spy phones provide three different kinds of services. The first is called an SMS Catcher, which allows a user to receive all of the messages associated with the input and output of the target phone.
    Secondly, the phone call details can be saved to keep a track.
    Thirdly, the location of the targeted device can be tracked.
    Special Features:
    • You can register into the device using any email id and password of your choice.
    • The password chosen will be kept confidential.
    • Every time the application is triggered it requires the set password.
    • You can block the uninstallation of the application by setting a password.
    • Once the password is set the application can’t be un-installed from settings even.
    • The application keeps a track of all the sms, calls and location.
    Enhanced Features:
    • The application starts maintaining the track just after the 15 minutes of installation.
    • All the sms received and sent to and from the device respectively is maintained at the server.
    • Similarly, the call details comprising the outing, incoming and the missed calls are maintained by the Mr. Detective application.
    • The location of the device can be tracked anytime you need using Mr. Detective.
    • The viewing details can be filtered based on the time i.e. show details of today, of 7 days or all.
    • You can add any number of members to the application using unique email ids.
    • Enhanced help is provided in the Mr. Detective application, which covers all the features of the application.

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