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    Ever wish you had all of your important vehicle-related information at your fingertips? Mt. Washington Assurance offers more than just insurance to its customers in their Mt. Washington application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

    This application has all the features and content desired in the ultimate vehicle utility. If you live in New Hampshire, drive a car, and have insurance with Mt. Washington Assurance, this is the application for you!

    This is the ideal pocket companion for you and your vehicle, with four primary functions:
    1. Profiles: Vehicle maintenance reminders, multi-vehicle identification, and all the important information you need relative to your vehicle’s insurance, service records, preferred mechanics, towing service – all with One-Tap Call functionality and photo display.
    2. Distress: No one ever plans to have a vehicle mishap like theft, vehicle damage or an accident, but with the Mt. Washington app, you have everything you need to handle the unexpected. Customizable notes, location-based Google Maps, and photo notes help you document and email a report of your loss as quickly as possible, while all the details are still fresh and easy to recall.
    • There is also a distress feature that includes a flashing light/strobe light, warning light and the universal SOS signal so even at night, help can find you.
    3. Resources: Mt. Washington offers you resources about Road Hazards, Emergency Roadside Repairs, and Trouble Shooting based on standards put forth by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the American Automobile Association.
    4. One-Tap Call setting for an emergency contact and up to four other important vehicle-related services.

    Mt. Washington is a “best in class” application you will use and rely on time and time again. We hope you never have to use some of the features offered, but isn’t it nice to know they are there if you need them? That’s Mt. Washington Assurance, more than just insurance.

    Compatible with all iPhone models and iPod Touch (Note: One-Tap Call features and Location features are non-operable on the iPod Touch)

    Note: In order to use Google Maps, you must be connected to the Internet. You may have to find your location manually by double tapping and moving the initial map displayed. One-Tap functions require network availability. Location services require 3G or wireless access. One-Tap Call and Location features are not operational on iPod Touch)