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    Data aquisition for the Radio Shack 22-812 Multimeter. Logs any data that the meter can measure in simple CSV format. Requires an RS232 to Bluetooth device. We used a FireFly from (cost about $100).

    Software Instructions:
    1. First pair the Bluetooth dongle with the Android phone as you would pair any other Bluetooth device.
    2. Install and run the Android DMM app. Click the name of the device in the list. For our tests it displayed as "FireFlyBP-2B9D".
    3. Fill in the 3 log settings on the bottom: Log Rate, Start In, and Log for. For example, we will log every 2 seconds, we will start logging in 1 hour, and we will log for 4 hours.
    4. Click the "Start" button to start logging.
    5. When you have the data you need, click the "Save" button.
    6. Click the "Mail" button and a file named log.csv will be sent as an attachment. If you prefer, you can access the same log.csv file in the SD Card of the device.

    See the screenshots for more info. It's FREE! Of course you can buy the developers a beer if you find it usefull via PayPal donations to

    Know issue: Of the 3 phones we used for testing, the LG G2X sometimes gave a "connection refused" message. We had to exit and reconnect a couple of times. Once connected, all the phones stayed connected without a problem. A Samsung Galaxy S4 and a Motorola Triumph always connected first time.

    Need a modified version for your custom M2M/data aquisistion project? Our Bluetooth template is robust and stable and might be a good option where portability and cost are important. Feel free to contact us with your ideas.

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    Sudam Panigrahi

    by Sudam Panigrahi

    May 27, 2015  |  "OK"

    Pints Waring

    Larry Weaver

    by Larry Weaver

    Apr 27, 2015  |  "Good"

    Would be better as USB input to Android and graphed on Android display with Bluetooth as option.

    Randy Evans

    by Randy Evans

    Jan 11, 2015  |  "Poor"

    Would have been a great app had it not required an additional $100 component just to make it work. The multimeter this was made for only cost $60 brand new (even less today) so it doesn't make sense to have to buy an additional hundred-dollar device just so it'll display on your PHONE!! This was an interesting concept but just isn't worth what you have to invest into it just to get it to work on