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    This is an one-touch mail that can easily send E-mail.

    "E-mail where it returns" etc. when returning to the house can be sent one-touch and easily every day. The content of mail of the address and the transmission can be freely set.

    It exercises one's power when transmitting to the family together in a time of disaster. It is possible to use it also at the disaster etc. if entire family's mail address is set beforehand, and the order of the evacuation site etc. are described.

    Because a standard mail application program starts with the destination address, the subject, and the content input only by pushing the button, E-mail can easily transmit the transmission button in one only to touch.

    Everyone can freely edit the destination address even by oneself. The subject (title) and the content of the transmission can be freely edited, and five patterns are registered, and it is one-touch and a change. canIf E-mailing etc. are registered with slowing mail where it returns and E-mail and company where E-mail and dinners exist beforehand, most of the mail used in daily life can be covered.

    When E-mailing to a decided other party address such as the family, the lover, the friend or companies, it is very convenient.

    Please install it after it uninstalls it when the application program of the former version is installed.

    The installation method and use have been opened to the public on the Web site.

    This application program is Xperia(NTT docomo), IS03(au), and a confirmed operation.

    The free trial version has been opened to the public. Please buy it in the free trial version that can be used up to 200 times without the functional restriction after confirming the operation.