Muuuuute!-Shake to Silent mode

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    Muuuuute!-Shake to Silent mode

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    How many times have you forgotten to mute your phone in many different situations?
    On the Train, at the theater or during the meeting etc.
    Suddenly, when your phone ring out then many people should shoot a cool look to you.

    This app will never shames you again at all times.
    It is very easy to use.
    Change to the manner mode by shaking your phone.

    Finally you will feel not a cool look but rather a hot look.

    -Shake the phone to mute a call
    -Switch ON / OFF in the widget
    -Set the intensity of vibration
    -Auto-Start on boot-up the phone
    -Save the ring volume setting
    -Auto ON/OFF of detecting the volume(minimize the power consumption)

    [Full version Features]
    -Swiching ON/OFF particularly for the direction in which the sensor responds.(right and left/up and douw/back and forth)
    -Swiching ON/OFF particularly for Kind of volume that can erase.(Incoming/Notification/Alarm /Media)
    -Hide advertisement

    ※You need to upgrade to the full version to remove the alarm volume and other.

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