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    Most internet browsers allow you to bookmark the Android Developer Console for quick access to your applications, but for those developers who want to skip a few steps to check on your apps IMMEDIATELY, this app is for you, my impatient friends.

    I saw that my fellow developers were spending money for similar apps and I thought.. Why? So, this one's for you!

    The "My Console" application is basically an icon with instructions to open your default browser and go to the Android Developer Console. Of course you will have to be signed in to your Google account for this to be as speedy as intended and you will have to have selected a default internet browser, but this is just common sense, really.

    If you are signed in to the Google account that you use to develop your apps and you've chosen a default internet browser, a single tap on the "My Console" icon will open up your Android Developer Console. It's that easy!!

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