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    Published: 2011-08-29, by Manu Galvez.

    MyBackup allows you to backup you data and apps and restore them easy and fast

    • Backup/restore data and apps (image)
    • Specific root features
    • Manager your backup
    • Save backups to external SDcard or upload them to the cloud
    • Shabby layout
    • Sharing options could be improved
    • Bit expensive

    "And I don't wanna miss a thing!"

    This is MyBackup Pro, the paid version ($4.99) of MyBackup. There aren't added features, but you will need to upgrade to this version after the 30-days trial if you want to continue using it.

    Although when it was launched first, it was only for rooted devices, now both root and non-root are supported. However, rooted devices will have extra features. For example, they can backup/restore apk+data as well as market links. Same for data/setting of apps.

    What you can basically do with MyBackup is precisely backup all your data (contacts, SMS log, call log, calendar, Home Screens, alarms...) and your apps (just the image, not the .apk in case you have non-root device). You can save them in your external SDcard or upload it to the cloud (Rerware server, so you will need to register previously). Restoring is as easy as launching MyBackup after wiping and load the file from the folder you saved it.

    You can also manage apps from "Mytoolbox": freeze, unfreeze, wipe cache and wipe data from system and non-system apps. You can also schedule your Backups to keep your device always safe. Each backup can be modified from "Manage" tab (choose again the data or the apps you want to backup). Likewise, you can view your backups online at

    The main catch is that MyBackup layout is too sober, a bit shabby we would say. Anyway, it isn't the most important thing, but its performance, that it's quite good. Anyway, we're missing other options like sharing backups to other cloud-services.

    MyBackup has been developed by RerWare, a developer focused on Android security apps.

    Since MyBackup is supported by both root and non-root devices, it has been enhanced. It's a simple app regarding scenery, but it does what it says fast and properly.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Aug 29, 2011


    MyBackup Pro is the easiest, most reliable, and feature packed Android backup solution available.
    Supporting the most content, and the most Android devices.

    Find out why over 5 million people have chosen MyBackup as their secure source for a Backup Solution.

    - Backup and Restore using your local device or SD card
    * Backup and Restore using an On The Go (OTG) USB card
    - Cloud backup to our online secure servers, or use your Dropbox account
    - Cloud backup to your personal Google Drive Cloud account
    - Migrate information directly between 2 devices
    - Backup directly to your computer over the Internet!
    - Schedule multiple different backups to multiple locations
    - Restore to an existing or new Android device
    - View the backup in detail without having to restore
    - All Android 1.6+ devices supported!
    - Available in 16 languages
    - Super easy backup with advanced features and settings
    - BETA: Trigger a backup to begin on your device remotely from our website

    - Applications (Including Data if Rooted)
    - Photos
    - Music
    - Videos
    - Contacts
    - Call log
    - Text messages (SMS)
    - Message attachments (MMS)
    - Browser Bookmarks
    - Home Screen Shortcuts and Wallpaper (Pre Android 4.4 KitKat)
    - System Settings
    - Calendar events
    - Alarms
    - Dictionary
    - Music Playlists
    - APN settings
    - And much more...

    CNET TV recommends Android users to use MyBackup Pro to backup their personal data.

    T-Mobile highlights MyBackup Pro in their quarterly magazine as "an application to have For the Security Minded."

    TechHive (PCWorld) gives MyBackup Pro 4.5 stars and recommends Android users to use MyBackup Pro to backup and secure their phones.


    Cloud Backup (RerWare Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive) or local backups to your device/SD card.

    Supporting the most content including your Applications, Photos, Music, Videos, Contacts, Call log, Browser Bookmarks, SMS (text messages), MMS (message attachments), Calendar, System Settings, Home Screens (including shortcut positions), Alarms, Dictionary, Music Playlists, APNs, and more...

    Restore your backup onto the same or new Android device.

    Migrate feature allows you to move any and all supported content directly from one Device to another over WiFi.

    View your Data, Apps and Media backups online by logging into the Web Viewer at the RerWare website.

    MyBackup Pro will work on all Android mobile devices, regardless if they have root access or not.
    Users who have a rooted phone can backup APK and the Data/Setting of all applications

    MyBackup Pro now comes with all MyToolbox features for Free.
    This application will allow Root users to select multiple applications and perform the following functions with batch operations:

    - Freeze bloatware and system apps
    - Defrost frozen applications
    - Wipe Cache of applications
    - Wipe Data of applications
    - Uninstall applications
    - Break the Link to Apps
    - Link Apps
    - Force Close applications

    If you should have any questions or support needs, please do not hesitate to contact us using the support Email provided. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

    We appreciate your business.

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