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    My emoji(donate)

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    When you chat maybe need a emoji.

    My Emoji(Donate) provided as below:

    1.My Emoji provides many kinds of emoticon symbols and new emoticon symbols can be added on line.

    2.You can edit your own emoticon symbols with My Emoji(Donate).

    3.Backup emoticon symbols and favorite setting fuctions are provided so that you can recover your previous setting when you re-install or change a new phone.

    4.No Ads.
    Forever creative emoticons Daquan text:
    Expression first expression classification symbol copy looking like, go to "custom" Oh edit their own emoticons.

    Expressions, emoticons, expression Daquan expressions text, emoticons, Yan text chat emoticons

    Permissons of emoticon symbols are explained as below:

    1.Internet permission
    The internet permissions is used for on-line updating and checking if the net is connected.

    2.Draw Window permission
    Window permisson is used for opening the favorite list on the notification bar.

    3.Vibrate notification
    Vibrate notification is used when you long-press certain emticon symbols meanwhile a fuction window pops out as a reminder.

    4.Boot completed permission
    Boot completed permission is used when your boot a computer, the notification bar of emoticon symbols is also started.

    5.Storage permission
    Storage permission is used for backup and recovering files (the backup data is saved at the outer storage device).