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    Although in the case of iPhone it becomes a charge screen during charge and is insipid, such restrictions cannot be found, either, if it is an Android terminal?

    Then, the photograph frame clock which can harness the screen under charge ..

    - I want to display only a favorite photograph on a photograph frame.
    - The photograph to display wants to carry out zoom, or to move and to change composition.(Also in such a case, it is.
    - It is better for the photograph and the clock to have overlapped and to be displayed, since it is better to know time at the same time as it sees a photograph.
    - The more nearly better, if it can position for every photograph, since an important place will be hidden depending on a photograph, if the position of a clock is fixation.
    - If putting on a photograph is a premise, the clock itself has a transparent feeling, or if an option is abundant, in addition, I am glad.

    .. although searched on the above selfish expectation, there is "nothing best" that it is unexpected.

    Therefore, what I regard as wanting was made.

    The function in which a comment can be set up for every photograph is also attached to others.
    It may be able to leave a diary, episode, a child's growth record, etc.

    Please use, if some people consider the same use.

    It is with an advertisement, but it is not displaying on a main screen.

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