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    Here is a life recording account tool and I bet it is the most advanced on android market until now! Because it includes almost all functions that you can imagin.
    In this free app, MENU button take an important role!!!

    ACCOUNTS related functions:
    Add account by giving an account name.
    Input spending money amount and chose currency in 20 types.
    Edit or delete account.
    Open and view inputting account.
    Backup database or restore again.

    Categories related:
    Add category by given a name.

    Budgets related:
    Set the Budgets Time.
    Add Budgets -- name, amount and category chosen.

    Create new report!
    Know you life account better with My Life Account app!
    NOTE: Our profits come from the notification ads and icon ads in this free app and all of them are harmless. If you do not like them, just disregard them.

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