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    If you do not have root, or do not know what root is, this application will not work for you.

    Email us for support [BEFORE] rating.

    This application will allow Root users to multi-select applications and perform the following functions with 0-click batch bulk operations!

    - Freeze any app (bloatware also)
    - UnFreeze a frozen application
    - Wipe Cache of applications
    - Wipe Data of applications
    - Uninstall applications
    - Break the Android Market Link to an App
    - Link an App to the Android Market
    - Force Close any application

    Why purchase an application that only does Freeze, when you can get MyToolbox which does so much more than only Freeze bloatware.

    Unlink an application from the Android Market so that you are not bothered to update the version.

    Link an application that you installed to the Android Market, so that you CAN get update notifications.

    Clear the data or cache of an application if it is giving you problems, or if you want to reset the data in it.

    Uninstall any applications you want, all in 1 click batch operation, no going through 1 by 1 anymore.

    Force close applications that you want stopped, or reset.

    All these functions can be done on any number of applications at one time, without having to individually go through each one by one (0-Click batch operations on multiple apps).

    If you use MyBackup Root or Pro, you will love this application. With both of these applications, you will have total control of your Android device!

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