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    ■ About Myu! The Ring Deco
    Myu! The Ring Deco Is an application that can decorate the screen of the phone call.
    You can specify the Ring decoration, the content such as animations or images you imported or selected, with a simple arrangement for each groups.
    Therefore, What kind of person who is calling can be seen at a glance.
    Each decoration is performed in units of the "Group Settings" which was registered in your contact list.

    ■ New features
    「Importing images」:
    Added the ability to import GIF animations or some images.
    You can add your favorite images into the parts of incoming decoration.
    Supported file types: jpg gif png

    New functions that uses sensors are available.
    By using this feature, you can even easier to see decoration when it is placed relatively far without hiding existing the incoming screen.

    「Maximize when not moved」:
    Maximize when device not moved.(default)
    The screen that maximized will changed to normal when you lift up or move device.

    「Hide when moved」:
    The screen that maximized will hide when you lift up or move device.
    This is useful when you want to create a big decoration, that may be hides original incoming screen.

    ■ main features
    ・Decoraton of incoming screen
    ・Checking decoration by input phone number
    ・Edit decoration

    ■ The difference between the free version and paid version
    1: Three parts are available on free version, but the paid version has more than 15.
    2: You can try the free version for 5 days after installation. The paid version has no special expiry date.
    3: Number of custom parts is two. You can use up to 15 custom parts by paid version.
    There is no difference in the other.

    ■ Compatible models
    Android device which is installed standard phone applications.

    ■ Compliant version
    Since Android2.2

    ■ How to configure group
    For Android 4.0 or later are below . The method are different on each configuration.

    Android 4.0 or later has standard group management features, so
    you can use by just setting up a group to contact book.

    On less than Android 4.0, it does not have the ability to manage groups,
    We provide a method to set the item "Custom chat", as a substitute for it.

    This app processes A custom chat as below.
    using "IM provider name" of custom chat for the account name.
    "Chat name" of custom chat for the group name.
    For more information, please refer to the help on the support site at the following URL.

    ■ Security and permissions
    This app need some security privileges.
    In a range of does not impede the function provides, we have minimized the authority.

    Read your contacts
    This is needed to determining the group from the telephone number of the caller.

    Read phone status and identity
    This is needed to get information who is created incoming call to your phone.

    Run at startup
    This is needed to restore the activation state of this app again when turning on the power to the device again.
    When you are keeping off to this app, it also remains off at the next reboot.

    This app reads your privacy data.
    But this app do not access any unspecified address or file locations, and did not earn any related permissions.
    This means flow of personal information of user is to be limited by the OS level, So It is designed to secure the security better.

    For more information, please refer to "Privacy policy" on the support site at the following URL.

    ■ Additional information of updates
    2013/03/13(Tus): 1.023 Search logic of decoration was improved.
    Adjusted the search logic of decoration of person who belong to multiple groups.
    Even members that are registered in the "Starred in android",
    If you have registered decoration to other groups, they will be given priority