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    Want to take the best shot of your pet cat? Want to get that cat you just met in the park to turn around?
    Neko Neko Camera is the sound-emitting camera application for all you cat lovers.

    Use a variety of noises, including cats’ meows and paper bag sounds, to draw cats’ attention and set you up for an instant photo.

    App Details

    Neko Neko Camera is a sound-emitting camera application designed for cat lovers.

    The pad button allows you to play a number of sounds to draw a cat’s attention. While they’re looking this way, you have a photo opportunity.

    Tap the screen to take the best shot of your cat, and it will automatically be saved to the Gallery on your phone.

    The app includes a variety of sounds, from meows to cans opening. Set the sounds to each button at the Settings screen and grab your cat’s attention.


    The sound settings on your device will affect the sounds emitted by this app.

    Sounds will not play through the speakers if you are using earphones.

    This application was designed to draw cats’ attention and give you better photo opportunities, but given each cat’s personality and the surroundings at any time, it may be less effective in some circumstances. Also, cats’ reactions to the sounds in this app may be dulled if Neko Neko Camera is overused.

    The sounds included in this app may draw good reactions or bad reactions from each cat. We suggest trying each sound out first in isolation to see what works best. Take care not to disturb others, though.

    Please don’t use Neko Neko Camera for animals other than cats.