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    Compare with google English input engine!!

    Neopad Hinglish & Hindi is a new Input Method Engine (IME) for English, Hinglish, Devanagari, Gujarati, Tamil and Bengali text input.

    Try Neopad Hinglish & Hindi input solutions based on the Qwerty keyboard and 12 keypad.

    Neopad input solutions could give you a new experience with the word prediction and completion function for text input

    Ignore the warning message “collecting your personal data” which will appear when you open Neopad Hinglish & Hindi IME. This is a standard Android message when you activate any third party IME

    What is Neopad Hinglish & Hindi Input Engine?
    Neopad Hinglish & Hindi Input Engine is based on outstanding artificial intelligence technology.

    1. Improve your input speed!
    Our system supports word prediction and supplementary function for comfortable word input
    If you type in first few letters of the word, it automatically shows the complete words. Therefore, you just need to select the right one.

    2. Reduce your input errors!
    Touch accurately the first letter of the word in key tap and for the rest words, roughly touch them in the 2nd keypad offered as the virtual key pad. Then, the system predicts and forms the word automatically. The formation of the 2nd key pad as follows. Check it.

    3. Input comfortably your defined word!
    Your defined words are automatically formed in your dictionary.
    The original dictionaries do not have proper nouns. Thus, they do not contain names of locations, people, and brand and it is impossible to use prediction and supplementary word input function for them. In this case, you can registered the words to the dictionary. When typing the word if it is undefined in the dictionary, the word will the shown in red. Confirm the input of the word that you want so that next time, you can use it with prediction and supplementary word input function. Also, to register the user defined words, please check setting menu and play following options. If you play you will see the below screen.

    Option Explanation

    A. New Word Registration Mode
    (1) Bring from your address: This saves the names of people saved in your address book automatically in your dictionary.

    (2) Bring from your message: Separates unregistered words in your messages and register them in your dictionary.

    (3) Direct registration: You can easily and simply register your words in your dictionary.

    B. Edit Mode
    Edit the words in your dictionary.

    C. Delete Mode
    Select the words to be deleted.

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