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    Ever been wondering whether somebody was stealing your wireless connection? Or needed to check when your network-connected devices, such as a gaming console, TV, cell phone have been turned on without your approval?

    Well, this is what this App is for. Once started, you’ll be able to identify all of the PCs, notebooks, phones, TVs in your LAN. And, since then on, any new one will be signaled to your attention and you’ll be able to set it as known as the other ones or say it’s a rogue device and keep it under surveillance. You will decide how often the App will scan your LAN and what to do when a new device is detected or even when it shuts down or gets out of range in your wireless coverage.

    On the basis of four possible categories where each device could belong to, you can set a different behavior either for when that device is turned on (that is, caught by the guardian) or when it gets out of reach or is simply turned off with different tools already present in your smartphone.
    You could let your watchdog keep doing its job even while charging overnight and, in the morning, you won’t lose all of the events caught and, above all, they will be store in the App’s database for further recurrences.

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