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    ★ Network Signal Repair Pro ★

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    First One Click Widget - wireless network repair tool.

    Pro Features

    ★ - Auto Repair
    ★ - One Click Widget - Quick background repairs!

    Try the free version first Get it on Play!

    With over 25 years experience in the mobile network industry, I bring to you the truth about so called Network Signal Boosters on Google Play.

    If you don't care about the truth and just want to "boost" your signal, download now and click the button. Otherwise, read on and learn the truth!

    ★ - GSM/3G/4G/CDMA2000
    ★ - WiFi
    ★ - Bluetooth
    ★ - Improves battery life

    This application repairs your wireless networks in the same way as all the so called "Booster" applications. It stops all wireless networks and restarts them.

    After using the repair tool users have reported:

    ★ - Faster internet connections.
    ★ - Improved signal.
    ★ - Better call quality.
    ★ - 4G instead of 3G.
    ★ - Longer battery life


    Simply press the large button of a spanner to repair you signal quality (use "Truth Fix" or "Fake Boost" when using the classic Matrix theme).

    Use the widget. Add it in the usual way to add widgets, then just click widget and carry on what you were doing! Simple!

    Developers note

    This application was developed to be transparent to user. It does not try hiding what its doing by going into full screen mode (removing the status bar). As mentioned before, there are other applications that do the same as this, but this is first and (at the time of writing) the only one that informs you that it resets your wireless networks in attempt to improve the service from them.


    I develop software for mobile phones (the part that talks to the network) and I was shocked when I found network/signal "booster" apps. You CANNOT "boost" your signal, however you can reapair your service levels if the low level software in your phone is misbehaving, giving you poor signal, in an otherwise good signal area. This application fix's the problem in the same way as all the other "booster" apps. The software shuts down all wireless networks and restarts them, that's it, nothing more.


    Thorsten Gurzan (German Translation)

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