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    NFC TagControl is mobile based application which allows users to write various actions/messages on NFC tags using their Android based NFC phones. You can write NFC messages using TagControl application on any NFC tags based on the available size of the tag and size of their message. You will also have option to make tags as read only. You can also write multiple tags with same NFC message without changing write screen.

    TagControl broadly has three functionality:

    1. History: This section will show the previously written NFC messages using TagControl application.

    2. Learn about NFC: This section will explain NFC technology to user. It will explain the various use-cases and how to write/read NFC tags.

    3. Write: Using this application user will be able to write NFC tags.

    3.1 Generic NFC messages: These are generic NFC messages which can be read by any NFC phones without any pre- requisite application on them

    > Call: You can write the phone number on the tag to allow other users to read tag for calling.

    > SMS: Similarly you can also write phone number and optional SMS message on the tag to allow other users to read tag for sending SMS.

    > URL: You can also write URL of websites to let other users to browse those websites by reading the tag.

    > Mail: You can also write mail address and optional subject with mail content on the tag to allow users to read tag for sending mails.

    > vCard: You can write their contact details in vCard (Business) card format on the tag to allow others to read tag for getting contact details.

    > Text: You can also write plain text message on NFC tags.

    3.2 Android Specific NFC messages: These are android specific NFC messages and can be read by android NFC phones having TagControl already installed.

    > Mobile Settings: You can write different mobile settings to the tags to change these mobile settings with one touch of the tag. TagControl will allow users to set Bluetooth on/off/toggle, WIFI on/off/toggle, Airplane mode on/off/Toggle, Auto rotation on/off/toggle, Auto sync on/off/toggle, Car mode on/off/toggle, Brightness changes, Launch Application, Navigation, Set alarm and Ringtone mode changes You can also write multiple settings in one NFC tag.

    > WIFI Setting: You can write your WIFI configuration on NFC tags using this feature. It will allow automatic WIFI configuration upon reading the tag on NFC Phone.

    > MAP Setting: You can write their current position or desired location on the tags using this feature. It will show that position upon reading in Google Map.

    > Direct Call/SMS: You can write phone numbers for direct Call and SMS on the tags. Instead of showing Phone number for call or SMS as in Generic case, this feature will start the action on reading the tag.

    > Text to Speech Message: You can write text messages on tags and while reading these message will be converted to Speech. Currently only English US version is supported.

    From your browser, you can write URL link directly to NFC Tag using our application. For this select Menu->Share->NFC TagControl and it will directly open NFC TagControl application with URL link. Now you can write that URL on NFC Tag.
    Currently writing on empty tags (not formatted in NDEF format) is not supported.

    Please mail us at for any bugs, feedback or new features.

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