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    Is your android device NFC capable? Use NFC Tagger to automate switching of the entire mobile device related settings with just a swipe of your mobile device.

    Once you have NFC Tagger, which is free, all you need is NFC Tag's that are available online on any radio shack.

    Using NFC Tagger you can write a list of preferred settings to the tag.

    Create multiple tags:

     One for when you enter your home that will connect to your home Wi-Fi.

     One for when you enter your car, which will turn off the Wi-Fi and connect to your blue-tooth.

     One for your office where the phone ringer tone is turned off and vibration mode is turned on.

    The number of tags you can create for your self is endless.

    Below is the list of device features that you can configure, write and read to tags using NFC Tagger:

     Wireless & Networks
    - Toggle Wi-Fi
    - Toggle Bluetooth
    - Connect to a known SSID connection

     Sound
    - Toggle Silent mode
    - Choose Vibrate setting
    - Set Media volume
    - Set Ringtone and Notification Volume
    - Set Alarm Volume
    - Set Phone Ringtone
    - Set notification ringtone.
    - Toggle Audible touchtone.
    - Toggle Audible Selection.

     Display
    - Toggle Auto-Brightness.

     Application
    - Launch an application

     Sync Settings
    - Toggle Auto-Sync

     Date & Time
    - Toggle Automatic Date & Time (up to v4.1.2)
    - Toggle 24-hour format
    - Set Date format

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