NFC Tagmatic




    NFC Tagmatic makes your smartphone life more innovative and convenient by using NFC tags.

    Simply and easily tapping NFC tags controls various Android features like launching apps, calling phones, sending mail, connecting to WiFi or Bluetooth devices, and more!

    Example Use Cases:
    - In the morning, tapping the living room wall connects to it’s WiFi, sets normal volume, opens a weather report, and news.
    - In the evening, tapping the bedside wall connects to the bedroom WiFi, switches to silent mode, and sets an alarm for 6AM.
    - On the way to work, tapping Bluetooth headphones pairs automatically.
    - Tapping the office desktop connects to the office WiFi, and sets to a lower volume.
    - Tapping a meeting room wall sets to vibration mode and connects to the room WiFi.
    - Tapping a photo of family calls home.
    - Tapping a key ring opens a map to find restaurants nearby.
    - Tapping a car dashboard pairs Bluetooth to talk hands-free.
    - Tapping the kitchen wall sets a timer.

    "Open Task" and "Tagmatic Task"

    NFC Tagmatic has two types of tasks called "Open Task" and "Tagmatic Task". NFC tags created as an Open Task do NOT need the NFC Tagmatic app when executed. Although a Tagmatic Task requires this app, more features are possible.
    "Public Mode" and "Private Mode" are also possible. Public Mode, writes task information to tags directly, enabling sharing tags with friends, colleagues, customers or anyone. Private Mode does not write to tags, but rather stores task information on the handset. So tags can be for private use. Open Task tags in Public Mode are suitable for public spaces and sharing.

    Controllable Features:
    - toggle WiFi ON/OFF
    - auto-login to a WiFi access point
    - toggle Bluetooth ON/OFF
    - auto pairing with Bluetooth devices
    - switch to Normal, Vibration, Airplane, and Silent modes
    - toggle WiFi tethering ON/OFF
    - set alarms
    - call phones
    - send SMS or email
    - open web pages
    - launch maps (with optional query)
    - launch any app

    Tagmatic makes life simpler and convenient by creating an NFC world. You're now free from complicated operations!!!

    Simple is beautiful.

    Update History
    - bug fixes on the boot.

    - supported TalkBack to improve accessibility.

    - support large capacity NTAG216.

    - changed the UI design.

    - minor bug fix on the wifi setting screen

    - minor bug fix on the timer setting screen

    - minor bug fixes

    - added NFC setting widget
    - execute tasks by turning over the handset instead of tapping a button on the confirmation dialogue
    - input text from speech on the setting screen of Speech Text
    - change the method to clear tags
    - launch default browser if conflict occurs between other NFC apps when reading URLs

    - minor bug fixes

    - minor changes to tag creation screen
    - English support

    - support for Read Only option of Tagmaic tasks and cloning tags
    - support for shortened URLs
    - fixed issue with Google Maps
    - fixed issue with history list sorting

    - adapted for tablet devices
    - fixed issue with failure to get URL when launched from a 'Share Page' menu in other apps

    - minor changes for dialogues of tag creation, and so on

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