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    Night Lamp Auto pretends to substitute your current night lamp allowing you to switch on/off the camera flash when your Android device detects a sound or movement.

    Want to turn it on? Simply make a sound or touch your Android. Want to turn it off? Make a sound or touch it again.

    It's designed for quiet environments (like a bedroom) but you can adjust the sound or motion detection sensitivity according to your needs when you want. The indicators at the right side of the respective sensitivity selectors will help you to know when a sound or motion is detected.

    The use of Night Lamp Auto can't be more simple: after pressing the activation button, when an event (sound or movement) is detected the flash will change his state. To avoid non-desired detections, after this change Night Lamp Auto will remain 2 seconds sleeping until is capable to detect another event (configurable).

    Night Lamp Auto idea became from a real disaster situation at bedroom. If it's helping me, why cannot help you?! Try it!

    If you prefer you can move Night Lamp Auto to the external memory card also.

    Enjoy it!


    - It's known than a motion detection is a drain battery process faster than desired. Please, if you don't want to use this function move the motion sensitivity selector to the left side.

    - Night Lamp Auto needs some camera resources to interact with the flash. Please, if you want to use the camera close
    NightLamp Auto first.

    - Working with the flash differ on some models. Please consider that I couldn't test it on every one.
    If it doesn't work on your device and you are interested feel free to contact me by mail and I'll work on it.

    - Having the flash switched on for so long can cause damage to your device. By default the flash will switch off automatically after 30 seconds. You can change this setting to your personal needs.

    - Tested on Samsung Galaxy S2, ACE, Nexus, HTC Devices and some Sony Devices also.

    - To for his GalaxyTorch project available at and to share it with us.

    - To the people who sleep with me to suffer my nightly tests.


    - Polish : Albert Czyżewski.

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