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    User review from xda:

    Do you hate the car/desk dock app popping out when using a holster or in a car dock or a broken/defective USB port? Do you want to suppress the dock event completely? Try NoDock trial(another app) on your ROOTED phone now.

    NoDock can intercept the desk/car dock event at OS layer, Android won't know about it. The result is: no state change, no screen on, no dock app launching.

    DON'T buy NoDock if you don't need this perfect suppression or the unique features NoDock provides. There're free apps on the market that do the imperfect suppression already.

    Moreover, CyanogenMod 7(maybe 6 too, unverified) have a setting to disable the "Dock Observer" which could achieve the core feature of NoDock v0.1 though at a different level. (NoDock at kernel level, CM7 at Android level) Be sure to try this out before buying NoDock as not most of you really need the unique features of it.

    Some Android device such as Milestone/Droid series, Nexus One, G2.....etc use the hall effect(magnetic field change) sensor to trigger the desk/car dock mode. So if you're using a holster, it maybe irritating you.

    NoDock can completely suppress this disadvantage. Or turn it to an advantage dramatically by using the auto-suspend/wake features.

    Visit website for more info.

    Use cases:
    1. Use with bag/cases that has a magnet for phones that trigger dock mode by magnetic field change.

    2. Suppress the dock mode when using the phone in car dock.(such as HTC Evo 4G)

    3. Use the dock(eg. Milestone's media station) as a phone holder that won't affect the operation of the phone when docking/undocking frequently.

    4. Auto suspend/wake(the same effect as power button) the phone when entering/leaving the dock.

    5. Allow normal dock usage if the dock is powered, suppress otherwise.

    6. Prevent the dock mode when the phone has a broken USB port!

    -Auto-load on startup/undock
    -Widget to load/unload
    -Auto suspend/wake the phone on dock/undock for certain phones
    -Allow dock event to pass thru normally if dock is powered


    -Evo 4G


    -Nexus One

    This app is different than any other dock blocker that it requires the ROOT privilege to work at the OS layer. Google "android root" to know more.

    If you see some features that is not supported on your phone, email me, I need access to the phone in order to make it right.

    About refund, try to contact me via email and let me know your difficulties.

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    For all change logs, read from the app's "About".

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