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    PLEASE NOTE - This app has been superceeded by "Straitjacket":

    Tweaks and enhanchements for your Asus Transformer!

    This app was developed as a part of an unofficial Cyanogenmod-build for the Asus Transformer TF101, but should work equally well for other Asus Transformers like the TF201, TF300 and TF700 or similar devices.

    The app can be used to force a landscape location across all apps while the tablet is docked. This makes working with the tablet when docked much more pleasant, as applications (like Wordfeud) can no longer force the UI into portrait mode.

    Cyanogenmod may be required.

    More features was always intended, but I no longer have a transformer so currently no updates are planned. For those interested in further developing the app, the source code can be found and forked on github: