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    ** alpha version **
    ** root and busybox needed **
    ** only tested with Galaxy Tab 7.7 **

    This app is to mount SD Card using NTFS.
    Auto-mount when the Android OS starts.
    Or you can mount/unmount it manually.

    It may well be that this app is useless on your device.
    Whether this app will work or not depends on its kernel.
    I confirmed Galaxy Tab 7.7's (GT-P6810) stock kernel is ok,
    but Galaxy S (GT-P9000) is not.

    If your device's
    "mount dir" of sdcard is not "/mnt/sdcard/extStorages/SdCard"
    "device name" of sdcard is not "/dev/block/mmcblk1p1",
    you need to edit these strings in preference screen.

    ** Not Bug **

    - If you don't do "Safely Remove Hardware"
    when you take your sdcard from PC,
    it takes some time to mount it.
    (to fix some data)

    ** Confirmed Issues **

    - Only NTFS sdcard use assumed.
    This app may prevent using FAT sdcard.

    - Once unmounted, even after you mount again manually,
    Android OS don't detect the sdcard.
    You can access it with file managers or other apps,
    but stock camera and settings app don't.
    Reboot or re-insert sdcard needed.
    (Let me know if you know any solutions for this.)

    - At the first attempt to mount (and get permission for root),
    Android OS could fail to detect the sdcard.
    It may be caused by delay of Superuser asking if it's ok or not.

    ** Disclaimer **

    I am not responsible for any damage caused to your device or data or feeling.
    It is recommended to backup your precious data.

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