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    Offline browser lets you download websites and browse offline even when you are not connected to internet.
    You can download up to thousands of pages, images, files etc, and practically create a complete site image.
    Offline Browser uses multi-threading for fast downloading.
    Offline browser downloads in the background, hence, you don't need to stay on it while it is downloading. It will notify when download is completed.

    --------------------------- Features--------------------------------------

    Supported Resource Types
    - Html pages
    - Images
    - PDF files
    - Text: MS office, open document file types, any file with a MIME type of text
    - Zip files: zip and gzip files

    Download Options
    - Maximum number of each resource type to be downloaded
    - Enable Url Text Selection: If this option is checked, a new Text box appears where you can enter the text; only html pages with url containing that text will be downloaded. This option is useful, for example, when you are downloading the content under a particular category of a website.
    - Enable/Disable external link
    - Enable/Disable Javascript
    - Select Default or Desktop user agent: This selection works if the same user Url supports both mobile and desktop versions. Otherwise, simply enter the corresponding mobile or desktop url.

    Methods of downloading
    There are two ways of downloading a page or site:
    1. Use browser's "Share …" option, while surfing the web, and select this app. That will bring you to download page where you can download right away, or save the link to be download later on. Or,
    2. You can enter the link manually into the app and download it.

    User Interface
    Main page:
    Downloaded sites are organized in a two-level view of Categories and their children. When you click on a category, it expands showing its children. The main page supports the following user actions:

    - (+) Button: You can click this button to add new downloads.
    - Category click: expands or shrinks category
    - Category long-click: asks if you want to delete a category with all its children. If pressed YES, category is deleted.
    - Child click: launches the site in a Web View for browsing
    - Child long-click: Asks whether to Edit or Delete. If Edit takes to the edit page. Delete simply deletes the downloaded site.

    Download Page
    - Save: saves download options/preferences without downloading
    - Download: downloads site
    - Cancel:

    Browser Page
    - Font size increase
    - Font size decrease
    - Zoom in and out

    You may download over either Wi-Fi or Mobile Data. When Wi-Fi is available, when you click the download button, it automatically starts downloading. When, Wi-Fi is not available but Mobile Data network is available, it asks your permission to use it. If not permitted, it simply saves the preferences you have entered, so you can download it later on when Wi-Fi is becomes available.


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