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    Download this app to protect your legal rights! This app is designed to educate the public regarding their legal rights when being investigated for a criminal offense. It features the emergency “Oh Crap” button designed to be used in emergency situations where a person is being stopped or questioned by law enforcement. This app also has additional features such as an informational Blood Alcohol Calculator, Legal Rights Advisory and Top 5 Ways to Avoid a DUI.
    -Press the large red “Oh Crap” button when confronted with law enforcement to automatically start the audio recording function. The recording is programmed to run for 15 minutes, stop automatically and upload to the GRL Storage servers. This recording may then be accessed and saved to your case file by an attorney at GRL Law for use in your case. WARNING: Every time this button is activated, recording and uploading will begin, this may incur data charges from your wireless provided that YOU will be solely responsible for.
    -Make sure to fill out the “Your Info” tab with all of your information so that the app will be ready to use when needed.
    -When you click “Notify On-Call Attorney” after activating the “HELP” button your information will be immediately sent to an on-call attorney at GRL Law and you will be provided the on-call attorney’s direct number as well. ONLY use this function in the case of a true emergency, i.e., you are being stopped by the police and/or arrested.
    -“Notify a Bail Bondsman.” This function allows you to call Kenny’s Bail Bonds or send him a quick emergency message to assist with being bonded out of jail after being arrested. Kenny will be notified discretely with the information you have included in the “Your Info” screen.

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