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    Unleash your droid sensors! Handle your calls without touching the screen!
    This app is helpfull when you have only one hand free (driving а car, bike, supermarket cart etc), or when you can't touch the screen (winter gloves, wet hands). Аnd also its just fun, fun to use sensors gestures every day.
    ***App has a trial period 14 days. When trial period is over, features will be limited to: answer by shake, silencer by flip, end call by flip, vibration, speakerphone ON when far from ear, auto volume adjustment, home screen after call, auto answer with headset. To get all others features back, you will have to upgrade to full version for 1,99$***
    There is NO ADS, even after trial is over.
    Available translations: German, Russian
    Features list:

    Answer a call by:
    - shake - do two or three similar moves, not very fast, please practice in the "shake settings" dialog
    - by single, double, tripple volume button press
    - proximity sensor (just place you phone in front of your ear) -
    feature is optimized to answer only in front of your ear, not in you pocket, case, bag etc
    - by vertical flip up (top up- top down-top up)
    bring phone top up (look, who is calling), then move your arm down (phone top down), then move phone up

    Silencer(Mute) ringer by:
    - flip - place the phone screen UP then screen DOWN
    - proximity sensor - place the phone in front of your ear, or in front of any surface
    - motion - start moving and rotating your phone
    - timer - auto ringer silencer, with adjustable delay
    - silencer mode adjustment - availble options: full silence, keep vibration, lowering ringer volume

    Reject a call by:
    - double flip - place the phone screen UP then screen DOWN, repeat two times
    - flip and screen down - place the phone screen UP then screen DOWN, and hold sceen DOWN for adjustable number of seconds

    End a call by:
    - shake - do two or three similar moves, not very fast, please practice in the "shake settings" dialog
    - flip - place the phone screen UP then screen DOWN
    - by vertical flip up (top up- top down-top up) - hold phone top up (look at the screen), then move phone top down, then move phone up, look at the screen

    - Enable far from ear - Enable speakerphone when phone is moved away from ear, with adjustable delay, and optional horizontal position condition. And disable speakerphone when phone is back near ear.
    - Enable on outgoing call - Speakerphone auto enabling on outgoing call, using delays and conditions from previous option. With this option you don't have to move phone near ear then far from ear on outgoing call for first speakerphone enabling

    Special mode:
    - 3 in one mode - in car cradle | dirty hands | still in hand. To answer / end call wave two times by hand in front of the phone screen (or swipe two times proximity sensor by finger). Generally if there were no motion (phone was in car cradle, or was lying on the table) speakerphone will turn on automatically. If the phone was in your pocket, you can take in you hand(look who is calling), hold still for 1,5 second, and then wave two times by hand to answer a call, in that case speaker will NOT turn on.

    Auto answer:
    - auto answer with headset - answer a call after adjustable delay, if headset is on

    After call actions:
    - go to home screen
    - activate screen lock - screen turns off and phone goes into sleep mode

    Other features:
    - incall and speakerphone volume adjustment
    - Vibration on answer/end or reject/miss a call.
    - turns on|off screen by proximity sensor during call, if any headset is connected. So
    in the pocket screen will be off. Android leaves screen on, by default during call if headset is connected.
    (This feature is always enabled).

    App is very compact about 0,2 megabytes
    App is optimized for speed and low power consuption.
    - There is NO always running background service.
    - App starts only when the call starts, and stops when the call ends.
    - So, it's don't eat battery.

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