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    HandSon One Hand Keyboard provides large key buttons to minimize typing errors when typing with one hand.

    Many users may find this keyboard particularly useful on Android phones particularly when using only one hand and a thumb. On tablets, this keyboard allows the user to type with multiple fingers holding the tablet with the other hand; many users may find this setup more natural and comfortable way of taking notes when holding a tablet.

    The keyboard features keys with positions that are similar to a normal QWERTY keyboard - for each hand - many users will find the transition to the HandSon keyboard intuitive and quick.

    Key Features:
    - Support for English, Korean and Spanish keyboards. Spanish keyboard users need to just double tap selected keys to obtain Spanish only letters - for example double tapping the 'a' button produces á. Note that those languages must be enabled using the HandSon keyboard setup.
    - Support for other Latin-alphabet derived languages - hold some of the keys and it will provide a popup where you can select other characters such as: ä (hold a), ß (hold s).
    - Normal QWERTY keyboard in landscape mode. The keyboard switches to a normal QWERTY keyboard when the device is held in landscape mode.
    - Supports "Vibrate on key press" for users who prefer to have vibration feedback.
    - Supports "Sound on key press" for users who prefer to have noise feedback.
    - Supports a "Left hand mode" where the position of space and the return key are swapped.

    - No predictive text.

    TRIAL VERSION: The free version is limited to 31 days. If you would like to purchase this app, please look for the paid HandSon One Hand keyboard app.

    SECURITY: HandSon keyboard does not use internet, does not transmit any information, and does not store any information that a user types using the keyboard into a permanent memory.

    INSTALLATION: Once the HandSon keyboard has been installed, the keyboard needs to be enabled - to do so, go to Settings, Language&Input, and enable the HandSon Keyboard. To use as the default keyboard, tap "Default" and select the HandSon Keyboard. You can always come to this menu and go back to your previous keyboards if you so choose.

    If the trial mode expires, and you would like to continue to use the keyboard - you can download again for another trial period (you may need to uninstall first) or purchase the licensed version.

    COPYRIGHT Notice:
    Copyright 2014 HandSon Design. All rights reserved. No part of the portrait mode keyboard may be reproduced , copied, modified or adapted without the prior written consent of the author.

    Copyright notice can be displayed at any time by holding the Language key (EN, SP or KR).

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