Do you have a website that you access often? I do, it's for my home automation. . the problem is, when I put a link on my homescreen for the site, it always opens in a new tab in my browser. . . I wind up with many tabs for the same website.

    Widgets. . . creates a different widget for each site you want. . . maybe I should call it "MutiView"

    Also, when I'm not at home, there's also no way to authenticate myself with the site, so have to log in to access it.

    This app solves both of these problems. One by being a standalone SINGLE web site app with it's own caching (which you can clear) and available encrypted key to automatically authenticate my phone to my site (contact me for code to decrypt in .Net if you're interested in this feature).

    It always loads the main app page on activation, so you're always up to date when you start the app.

    Due to the small scope of this app being quick access, general browsing is not truly supported and using the back arrow may cause the app to close. As will rotating the screen, sorry.

    I wrote this app for my personal use, but needed a mechanism to get it easily to my family members phones, thus a play store listing. If you find it useful, great! buy me a cup of coffee by buying my donation app, if you don't . . . don't bother with a 1 star review.