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    New style of screen lock.

    When the door is opened, then phone screen will be unlocked successfully.

    As long as you know the key to unlock, it is very simple.

    Unlike the traditional door-open screen lock, there is still a bonsai on the left of the door. Please drag the bonsai to the right side, and then touch the door handle.

    Then the door and phone screen will be unlocked easily.

    Press Return button to restart to unlock.

    This is just one of the ways to unlock screen. Actually, there is also an emergence unlocking way which is Find button.

    Press the Find button directly and the screen will be unlocked.

    Before using this screen lock, please go to the locker settings first.

    Here you could make a lot of personalized settings for your phone screen lock.

    You could select to vibrate or play sound effect after the phone is unlocked.

    The locked phone screen could also be set as you wish. You could display the screen with full screen for nice outlook.

    Of course, you could also select to display the status bar so that you will know the new messages instantly from the notification bar.

    If you want to make the emergency lock work, you have to set the shortcut key in the locker settings.

    Only after you enable the shortcut key could the screen be unlocked while long pressing Find button.

    Turn on the screen lock and take the new unlocking screen experience.

    I am sure you will like this screen lock very much and love the vivid open-door sound effect.

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