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    This app is used to lock and unlock the cell phone screen. Pull it down to unlock screen.

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    The app here is totally free.

    Touch screen cell phone gets more and more popular among people. You need a screen lock tool if you have a touch screen cell phone. This app is for lock/unlock screen. Have a try!

    - Support both sound and vibrate effect
    - Three modes of locked background
    - 18 kinds of background in custom background

    Using method of this app:
    In the main interface of Open the Screen, you will find three modes of background, includes system background, transparent background and custom background. In the custom background, there are 18 kinds of locked screen background, you can pick one of them as your background.
    In the locked screen, the background depends on the background system you have chosen. If you have chosen system background, the locked screen background is your wallpaper. If your choice is transparent system, the main interface of this app is the background. Details in the background are transparent, but you still can see the boundary line and the icons of phone and message. Pull down to unlock. As to the custom background, we have prepared 18 pictures in this section for you, just pick one of them and you will see it in the locked screen.
    How to unlock screen? The locked screen has two sections with a boundary line. Pull down the lower section to unlock. Here are the icons of phone and message, hold the icon and pull down to unlock and open the related section. Just want to unlock screen? Pull down the lower section to unlock screen!
    The most important thing is that ensure this app is open.

    If you like this app, please give this app 5-star. Thanks for your support.

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