Orientation Straitjacket

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    Not happy about apps enforcing a orientation on your display? Annoyed when you're lying in bed reading a text, only to have your display jump to landscape and back because of some overly sensitive sensors? Don't ever want your tablet to enter portrait mode while docked?

    I know your pain. Orientation Straitjacket fixes this and forces your Android to behave the way you want it, when you want it.


    - simple and straight to the point.
    - selective activation modes: always on, when charging and when docked.
    - option to automatically start on boot.
    - no ads. no tracking.
    - no bloat. doesn't kill your battery.

    Note: This app was originally developed as a part of an unofficial Cyanogenmod-build for the Asus Transformer TF101, but should work equally well for other Asus Transformers like the TF201, TF300 and TF700 or similar devices.

    This play-store version has been updated to support even more kinds of devices, like hybrid tablets, X86 Netbooks, phones and in general to be more universal.

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