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    KenMac PaperCost Calculator is a calculator to be operated as easy as 1-2-3 for deriving the paper cost for a printing job: the best imposition plan (reel and sheet), consider various substrate sizes and GSM, printer type (sheet feed or web machines) and compute required quantity of printed sheet.



    Key Features:
    (1)Derive the best imposition plan such as paper cut method and paper usage level etc. automatically

    (2)Consider various substrate sizes and corresponding GSM; entertain substrate in sheet or reel format

    (3)Account for various printer types – sheet feed or web machines

    (4)Compute required quantity of printed sheet and material cost, illustrate the imposition method in real time

    (5)Operate with super-simple steps by clicking minimal 4 buttons to compute the instant result

    a. 自動算出最優開紙方案,如開紙方法、用率等
    b. 考慮多種物料尺寸、克數、平張或捲裝物料等
    c. 考慮多種印機種類,如平張、底面或滾筒等
    d. 計算印張數量及物料費用,實時顯示開版圖
    e. 使用超級簡單,只需點撃4粒按鈕,二秒計算結果

    You may experience this ever-first calculator in the field at no cost, or you may subscribe to get your privilege to use it at all times.

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