Partner Text Spy Catcher

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    Partner Text Spy Catcher

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    You're not saying you don't trust your partner. You're not even saying that they're being unfaithful. You just want to be able to have peace within yourself about who your partner is communicating with and, most importantly, what they are saying.

    Why isn't your partner answering their phone?

    Is your partner really where he or she says they are?

    Partner Text Spy Catcher app is designed to allows you to read messages from any cell phone! Just enter the phone number you are interested in and press Catch SMS. Now, you can rest peacefully knowing your partner is texting exactly who they say they are. No more guessing games on your partner's "friend girls" or "friend guys". No more playing hide and seek with your partner. Using the Partner Text Spy Catcher app puts the odds in YOUR favor.

    Sorry, this doesn't work with Verizon, Cricket, Metro PSC, Nextel, or Boost mobile carriers :(

    However for everyone else, simply enter your partner’s cell phone number to receive his messages!

    Download today and see what your partner is texting today!

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